A list of frequently asked questions and brief biography

“I’m a new artist and I’m trying to get cells. How do you make your cells?”

I get asked this question every day a couple times. It would be practically impossible to teach complex processes to another artist by messaging on Instagram. Or even email. I practiced and experimented on probably a hundred paintings before I was able to get cells. Every time I do a painting, I adjust something. Whether it’s the paint brand, the paint consistency, how I mix or how I pour. And what I’m doing is beyond just “creating cells.” I’m also calculating specific colors and how they work together. You can make all the cells you want, but if your colors aren’t SINGING, your painting won’t be inspiring. If you want to master this type of artwork, you really need to be prepared to spend a lot of money on art supplies, be persistent, and practice/practice/practice. I’m not a teacher. I’m just some guy obsessed with creativity. But there is a lot of information online.

Will you PLEASE do a video on how you create your paintings?

Sorry, nope. That’s a lot of work to teach someone else how to paint!

“What kind of paint do you use?”

Mostly acrylics, though I am constantly experimenting with all kinds of things.

Are your paintings resin?

My paintings are acrylic. After the acrylic paint dries, I then drench them in a coating of clear resin.

“Where can I buy your art?”

It’s best to check my website or email me at editor@terryaley.com. (Note, I generally don’t answer questions about techniques beyond what is already mentioned on this website.) Gallery owners and corporate buyers may also contact me at the same email address if interested in upcoming inventory.

May I post some of your artwork on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. etc.

Yes. Please make sure you clearly tag the image with my Instagram username (www.instagram.com/astronomikos), www.terryaley.com, or my name.

Why don’t you answer direct messages on Instagram?

Probably because you are asking me to teach you how to paint cells?

Why did you delete my Instagram comment?

Probably because you left a message that can be interpreted as spam or blatant self promotion. Subtle implied self promotion is perfectly acceptable.

How did you get into doing these kinds of paintings?

My short bio. I have been painting my entire life. I painted watercolor until I was about 18 because it was cheap and I was poor. I painted a lot of pop art and abstract art in my 20s. I started a graphic design business about 20 years ago that I still manage. I later painted seascapes, landscapes and abstracts for several years. I decided I wanted to paint some of the abstract shapes you might see in the foam patterns of a seascape. In a quest to figure out how to paint sea foam cells, I looked at Turkish Ebru water painting techniques, automobile marbling, skateboard painting, mirror cake glazing, and fluid painting by artists such as Nancy Wood. My current style allows me to check many boxes with my artwork. I’ve found that it has appeal to many people, not just those who love abstract art.